dcs Puccini break-in

Could Puccini owners share their experiences on how long it takes this player to settle in and sound what it's going to sound like...thanks in advance.
The Puccini sounds pretty good out of the box,I would say about 90 % of the sound achieved after 48-72hours.

The sounds initially would be quite detailed without the musicalness,'organicness that makes it special.

Overall In myb own personal experience the 100 % mark was achieved after about 1 month of almost continous play
Thanks for your post, If I don't have a full month to make a decision, how much do you think it will be broken in after 10-12 days of continuous play? My concern is not getting to the musicalness and organicness to make a proper determination. The 90% after a few days does give me some comfort...
Can only agree with Fafafion. My Puccini sounded thin and bright out of the box, but continued to improve the next month or so. After 10-12 days you will hear about 90-95%.
Just a few warnings to Puccini owners...

There was a software upgrade last year.(from v1.00 to v1.01)
There will be another very soon. I will make announcement as soon as I get the CD from dCS. Last upgrade is a has to be done by especialy Puccini plus U clock owners.( fixes a few bugs caused by U clock)

Secondly, I hate to repeat myself: dCS Puccini is very very powercord and interconnect sensitive. If you are looking sounding your setup full, organic, musical, rich, analog ''like'' or what, but in the sametime still very detailed and analytical, you need to find the ''correct'' combination of cord and interconnect which suits into your taste.
Thanks for the heads up Mert. This will be a new unit fresh from dcs with newest/latest software version (according to dcs)as we actually waited until they released the new version in production units.

I have a variety of power cords and IC's on hand so will experiment with different ones to see effects on sonics.

Thanks again.
just a friendly echo of Mert's comment. I have been skeptical of the purported gains of power cords for a long time and noticed a sonic improvement from my puccini when I introduced a dedicated line conditioner (foundation research LC-1).
Are you moving on from your MBL Arthursmuck? Please let me know how you get on.. Cheers
Since Puccini has esoteric transport, more hours than usual needed for break-in, of course the first 120 hrs are criticall as with all cdplayers but after 400hrs you'll notice more improvement.

Has anyone tested audiophile fuses to Puccini?
"Last upgrade is a has to be done by especialy Puccini plus U clock owners.( fixes a few bugs caused by U clock)"

which bugs? I have also the U clock and have no problems

read the manual of U clock, it says there are some issues that will be fixed by software update. (Mostly based on USB operation)