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Battery powered power supply for digital server/player
I have a Red Wine audio Battery Power Supply used to run a Mac Mini 
Your favorite Sheherazade LP ?
Love the Reiner as well.  Jose Serebrier and London Philharmonic on Reference Recordings is my favorite. A friend turned me onto it and that recording got me into classical.  
Experience with Tannoy Westminster Royal Gold Reference
Have the Duelund cables on my Westminster as well, just outstanding sound with mine. Highly recommend  
SET amp comparable to First Watt SIT 1?
tmare, if considering 300B the Sophia Electric amps are ridiculously good for the money.  There are some terrific options like those at realistic price points below your stated range.  I learned the hard way it's not biggest $$ = Best amps when it... 
Experience with Tannoy Westminster Royal Gold Reference
Congrats on your Gryphon purchase!  I use 845, 2A3 and 300B amps on my Westminster GR, have also used Dartzeel, KT88 Shindo, and others.  I always seem to drift back to the 300B's but given what the Dart did with them, you should be pretty stoked ... 
Line Magnetic 219ia vs. 518ia
Ping me about 219IA if you want.  
Tube amp repair in texas
Frank Mufich in McKinney TX.  Extremely knowledgable, does outstanding work and an overall really good guy. 
2A3 Tube Opinions
Thanks Al - I will check out the 2.  And well aware of the 225, looking forward to hearing it in my room soon, if it's as good as I think it will be, then the 225 will be home.  :-) 
2A3 Tube Opinions
Was it an EL34 Jadis?  Their 300B amps look crazy nice.  
2A3 Tube Opinions
I've been really impressed with the Sophia.  Since I added the Swarm subs and lightened the load on the SET amps, I really am loving all of them.  I sold the Dartzeel and am contemplating either vintage Mac 225 or something from the EL34 family, a... 
2A3 Tube Opinions
I use the Thoress pre with everything.  It's really pretty equally split among amps.  I just got a pair of Sophia Electric 300B amps that are getting some serious air time right now.  Not sure where they rank in the world of 300B amps, but it soun... 
2A3 Tube Opinions
Thanks everyone for the input so far.  Want to make sure I'm clear there is no harshness or edginess and the amps aren't lean sounding, it's really a case of wanting a bit more of something than overcoming a deficiency.  Call it audiophile greed..... 
Help wanted: Bass!
I have Westminster GR in a good size room that is engineered and treated. I added Audiokinesis Swarm subs to add that last bit of low end I wanted and could not be happier.  Yes, there are 4 but their footprint is small and integration is seamless... 
Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes
Pani, what Tannoys do you have? 
proper Tannoy Canterbury room set up
Jim, what amps are you running on your Tannoys?