dcs Purcell upsampler/Delius DAC interface

I need some help! I am using my upsampler, fed by an iMac computer, to upsample my CDs to DSD. The sound is sublime, definitely better than upsampling to 192k. Yet, I keep getting a message on the delius dac of "no wordclock". Can some saavy dcs person tell me what I have done wrong. I have worked with the factory and have had some success in getting the upsampling to DSD to work but not the clock.

Help! and Thanks!
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To be able to help I need more information.

How are you getting digital from the imac to the upsampler? Are you using optical?

What are you using as a master clock and how do you have your DAC set ie slave sync etc?
Chadeffect - I run the signal out from the USB port of the computer into an coverter box that allows me to send the signal to the upsampler with a AES cable. The upsampler is connected to the delius dac with a firewire cable. It is my understanding that there is a masterclock in the purcell upsampler??

Thanks for your help.

Jay - Assume you've downloaded the relevant manuals from the dCS support page, if not worth doing:


Given your configuration I'd make sure you were piped up according to PAGE 14 of the SCARLATTI UPSAMPLER manual (Yes...scarlatti....the Delius/Purcell manuals predate your type of setup)

You will need to set the Delius to act in Master mode, cf: the Delius manual on how to do this. This should push the Purcell to slave.
Page 16 of the Delius manual is relevant as well. Best

(Apologies for the split post...)
Thanks so much for all of your input. I will go back and try my best to deal with this incredibly wonderful sounding, yet quite complex, dcs gear....
Well I got the Scarlatti manual off the internet, read the suggested sections, and fixed the problem I had in about 5 minutes. The DAC is now in sync with the wordclock. BMCgoz your advice was particularly helpful. And, again, thanks to all who offered their advice.