Dealers hijacking the discussions

I’m a very long term member and look at the forums most every day. I’m personally extremely irritated by dealers injecting sales pitches into the discussions which has never really been a problem before. Dealers are biased as it’s the nature of business and this is fine but I don’t go to audiogon to see shameless promotion. There’s one guy in particular that needs to go away. The fact that you’ll all know who it is says volumes about the amount of posting this guy/dealer does on audiogon. Does anyone feel as I do. Just curious.
I've talked to Audiotroy several times and I've asked him to recommend ways to improve my system. He didn't try to sell me speakers, an amp, or any major component. He recommended a couple modest tweaks. Some believe his opinions are based on what he sells, but he has said good things about a couple of my components and he doesn't carry them. He just doesn't bother me! 
Then why not the rest of us advertise ourselves too ?  That would be entertaining. Hey, I want to take the opportunity to advance my business too.
I assume you can advertise your wares here but if it is not audio related you may not get much feedback.