DecWare 300B amp

Hey folks!

Any fine folk received this “new one” yet?

Better still…can you give it a thumbs up? 



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I think any good amp sounds best with a great preamp.   My amp has gain for each channel but I think it sounds poor without a preamp.   It's not horrible but it is dramatically better with a really good pre.   

The DAC with volume guys are missing out in my experience....

My observation as well. There are always exceptions to the rule. In most circumstances I believe a high quality preamplifier is an asset.


Hello, Chosenplay.  My speakers have 105 dB sensitivity.  I normally listen at around 80 or below.  That means that I rarely need more than one watt!  Since I have a powered sub, the power of the 300B should be sufficient for my front L and R speakers.  Thanks for raising the point.

I ordered the 25 th Anniversary model. Two year wait. Hoping I’m still above ground to listen on my Cornwall fours.