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Best power cord for Audioquest Niagara 1200
Any power cable you put in your system  will sound different and will not have a jaw dropping effect no matter which one you pick  I like the Synergistic Research SR30 for around $400 bucks Good luck Willy -T  
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
I auditioned Focal Kanta 1s and found a pair of Kanta 2’s for $5,500 and never looked back.  Playing them with Parasound A21+ and Parasound JC2  Cds and vinyl excel with this setup  I would audition as many speakers as possible with music of you... 
Looking for Sub to pair with Dynaudio Confidence 20s
Very simple Get the most expensive REL you can afford.  Simply tune to blend with your mains  Good luck Willy -T  
Volume levels
CDs have always been louder and brighter to me and I believe this is common knowledge  this equals more detail at lower listening levels   
Help me find a pre-amp
Problem is they are all good at that price range  you really need to audition at home to decide Yes they will all sound different but they are all good for $5 grand Good luck Willy-T  
New TT : Balanced vs. Unbalanced Connection?
RCA single ended is just as good  as balanced xlr unless your running long spans of cable  Your not.  Your probably running one meter so no you do not need  Xlr connections. Get a Great pair of single ended interconnects and forget about it Goo... 
Robert Plant
The Honeydrippers! anybody? great ep.  Lively recording check it out   
Manley Chinook SE MK2
I would highly recommend the Sutherland Little Loco current driven phono stage if you use a low output MC cart no more settings for gain and impedance Good luck Willy-T    
Room acoustics basics
Jim Smith wrote “Get Better Sound” which includes optimal speaker placement and room acoustics basics  Check it out  Good luck Willy-T  
Upgrading cd player
Don’t overlook.Esoteric should be on your short list too Good luck Willy -T  
What is meant exactly by the description 'more musical'?
This is not a hard question  Simply put musical more musical means  “more real or realistic” Good luck Willy-T  
Steely Dan UHQR
Part of this hobby is finding the definitive version of a particular  album. This is the definitive version of AJA Some folks want the definitive version no matter the cost and  some don’t. The album also won a Grammy in 1977 for Best Engineere... 
Anxiety help needed. New instal of Hana ML
Buy a Fozgometer and leave the guesswork behind  
Results of Actual Hearing Test and Next Steps
Widex Moments are audiophile hearing aids designed for music first then speech    
Results of Actual Hearing Test and Next Steps
Better off getting aids