Dedicated Circuit to Double Identical Setup

First post here, have knowledge and multiple visits to the site, just never made a post yet.  To preface my post, I am also aware that what I'm posting about has multiple threads in archive.  I have read through a lot of those posts.  However, I have yet to see any post with my identical situation.

The setup I have is a double system.  So I have two of the same of each:  Denon X2400, and Audiosource amp 210vs.  Each one of these will be in separate rooms driving separate HT/sound systems.  What I would like to know is how I should feed the dedicated circuits to these systems?  A separate 20amp run (planning to use 10/2 romex) for each setup or can both systems run off one 20 amp circuit?  The components are being housed only approx. 20' away from each other and running power is easy as it is all basement access under the floor.

All help is greatly appreciated- please let me know if you need more info, I didn't want to get too wordy but tried sticking with the basics.  Equipment is already purchased based on previous experience and models that I've had before so switching equipment is not optional/ideal at this point.

Thanks again
One circuit to each system in each room. Run these direct to wherever each system's outlet will be. All lights and other outlets in these rooms can be on their own separate circuit, or could even be all together on one.
That sounds simple enough, thank you for the reply.  Next question would be if I should put the amp direct into the receptacle and then use the other outlet in that receptacle for a surge strip...?  Which means the Denon will be connected to the surge power strip.  Probably not ideal, but I've got a few components that will need to be connected to the power strip?  And I'm not referring to one of those weak little white PC power strips, I have heavy duty large long black power strips.
I assume both of these rooms are already in use so all you need is power for the amps, TV's, DVD players and other components? If so then you could use just one 20 amp circuit but if you have the room in the panel box you could run either 2 ,
15 amp or 20 amp. 
Next question would be if I should put the amp direct into the receptacle and then use the other outlet in that receptacle for a surge strip...? Which means the Denon will be connected to the surge power strip

Well obviously you want something to plug direct. The question is what? Could be the amp. Could be a source. The only way to know is to try. Sorry. But that’s just the way it is.

My question would be, how many? Because since you’re wiring this, and depending on how far you’re willing to go with power conditioners (sounds like, power strip, not far) you will be a lot better off to wire for a multiple gang outlet. This will be a lot better than any power strip, and easier to upgrade outlets if you ever do want to do that later on.

Something to keep in mind, you are after all talking using a Denon HT receiver. I’ve done multiple dedicated lines, know all about the differences, how they compare relative to other things you could do. Right now nothing, and I mean nothing, will make as big an improvement as ditching AVR for a decent integrated amp. You could plug any integrated into the same circuit as 20 appliances, run a blow drier, crank flourescents on a dimmer, still kill that AVR.

Just trying to put things in perspective for you. I started out the same, thinking a receiver would be okay. Actually you are off to a head start. I didn’t even have a dedicated line, at least not in the beginning. That was added later. Which is how I know what they can do, and what they are worth, relative to other things.
Thanks for the in-depth comments.  I've spent some time on this site.  I will probably never even scratch the surface of some of the things that are posted here.  This stuff is extremely intricate.  For me, the most I understand at the moment is the setup I have and the speakers that I am running everything to.  I see what you're saying with an integrated amp, and obviously I'm sure you're right.  At this point the $$ has been spent and I have to work with what I've got.  I just want to make sure I'm doing it the best way I can to get the most out of what I have to work with.  Thanks again for your help.  I'll slowly continue to learn more about all this
Wiring isn't all that intricate or hard. Normal house wiring is fine, except the way they do it is daisy chain from outlet to outlet. This is fine for saving money on wire. But each outlet is extra connections, each of which introduces all sorts of little noises and problems that aren't there with one direct run of wire. 

My room was wired the normal way at first. Later I ran a line direct. The difference was easy to hear, even with my system back then, nowhere near what it is now. It wasn't night and day, just your normal garden variety improvement you can hear. 

Its almost impossible to AB this stuff so here's a simple test you can do to see if you even can hear a difference. Listen to music. Flip off a lot of breakers. Listen again. That's about the improvement you get with a typical AC power upgrade.
I would PM Audiogon member Jea48.
He has been one of the best sources of information regarding wiring and circuitry on this forum.