Dedicated Line

What kind of sonic improvement should I expect with a dedicated AC line?


Rogue Magnum Tempest Integrated
Von Schweikert DB-100's
Nottingham Spacedeck
Dynavector Karat cartridge
Cary CD-308

Blacker background, better bass, mids, highs, detail and resolution on familiar music that you have note heard before.
I have four dedicated lines; one for each amp, one for digital and one for analog front end.

Far and away, the biggest improvement was with the first one. Do it!
I set up three dedicated lines (digital, analog, power amps) with Belden's magical 83802 two years ago, and then made PCs with the remainder. I never looked back, and am so impressed with the cost/benefit ratio I now provide Kits of this stuff for A'goners. You're only going to set up dedicated lines once. You should do it with outstanding yet very affordable cable. Have fun.