dedicated line follow up

So following guidelines I got here a few weeks ago, I went ahead and tried a dedicated line and I am pleased. I'm thinking about this now for another application, and it's a bit more complicated so I wanted to ask how I should approach this.

This is a TV/listening room. Here is the set up. I've got a TV, a cable box, a blue ray player, a 50 wpc amplifier, and a cd player. The amplifier is pretty low power--50 wpc. The sound for the TV is run through the amplifier into the speakers.

So given that everything is interconnected and the power draw in pretty low--

Would I best off would putting everything on one 20 amp dedicated line? [Among other things, it's a small house and I'm not sure how much room I have in the box...]

Or should I [space permitting] do two 20 amp dedicated lines? And in that case, would I want TV, cable box, blue ray, and cd player all plugged into one circuit, and the amp alone on the other? [And I realize from prior discussion that it would be important that each line have its own neutral, hot, and ground; that both lines come from the same leg so they add up to 120v; and to use nice audiophile grade outlets like Porter ports.]

Thanks (again) for any guidance! Margot
I think you are better off with your single 20A line. Less likely to introduce ground loop hum if I am not mistaken. Your draw is not that heavy either.
I personally like to run digital equipment on its own dedicated line. If you are running out of space in your main circuit box you can ałways run a sub-box for your audio- visual room.
Agree with the above. Keep analogue equipment on one line and digital gear on another. Don't skimp on the outlets.
Putting in a dedicated line- a 20 amp home run to the breaker box using 10 awg wire was among the top 3 most cost effective things I've ever done to my system. My electrician thought I was nuts on insisting on 10 awg. Total cost including the PS Audio outlet was under $250.

Everything is plugged into the one line. The amp is plugged directly into the wall outlet and then everything else is plugged into a Wiremold strip (which I got from a Naim dealer before it became the rage amongst Naim fans).