Dedicated power circuits

I’m having some electrical work done including a whole house

generator, surge suppressor, and a new panel box. I am also going to have two dedicated power lines run for my stereo. I’ve read a lot on here about how this is a really nice upgrade and would greatly appreciate any advice to help me along on my project. Right now the plan is two 20 amp circuits with 10 gauge wire. One for my amp and one for my preamp and sources. My equipment is a McIntosh MC 452, a C47 right now but a C22 in the future, Rega P8, Rose hifi 150b,  McIntosh MR 74 tuner and Aerial 7t speakers. I’m also replacing my panel box with a new one. It’s a brand from a company that’s out of business and the quality and safety is suspect plus there are no new breakers available.


So starting with the breakers, then the wire and finally the receptacles what should I be looking for? The electrician that just left here is planning on the new panel being a Cutler Hammer brand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hello @gphill , Here is what I know or think I know.

Receptacles: Use an audiophile grade outlet.  I used PS Audio, reasonable and grip great.  I hear mixed reviews about the expensive outlets; some like them some do not.

Wire: 10 gauge.  The electrician will tell you 12 is fine for 20 amp outlet.  Use 10. Sounds better.( I have been told by someone I believe).

Breaker:  I went standard here, but did use some silver conductive grease when installing.

I think dedicated circuits are very worthwhile, and you are correct; one for the amp and one for the front end / digital.

My final advice:  Run three.  do it now while easy.  You never know...monoblock amps, other stuff.  Ask me how I know this!

Thanks for all the responses. The Torus all in one looks interesting but at 18k it ain’t happening. Because of local code I’m going to have to use tamper resistant outlets which I will replace after the job is finished. Any special wire from the breaker box to the outlets? Any special breakers?

@gphill Wrote:

 Any special wire from the breaker box to the outlets? 

For dedicated audio lines I would go with Type MC Galvanized Steel Metal Clad Cable 10 AWG. It has better EMI and EF shielding versus aluminum armor. FWIW, I have four dedicated lines for audio, one for each monoblock amp, one for analog and one for digital. 😎

Here is a good article on the subject. See below:


Cutler Hammer is now Eaton, whose products are available everywhere. Use hospital grade outlets for your audio. These outlets have a tighter grip on the prongs of the power cord which is much more effective preventing noise from entering than whatever gimmick those $500 receptacles claim.