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Adding a Dac and Stresmer
I really like my Hifi Rose 150b. Streaming Qobuz the sound is very good. Check out the reviews.  
Dedicated power circuits
I had a chance to do a fair amount of listening yesterday and truly believe this was a worthwhile upgrade. I have my amp on one line my preamp on one line and my sources on the other line. The sound seems cleaner with blacker backgrounds. My syste... 
Dedicated power circuits
All the electrical work has been done and I have 3 new dedicated 20 amp circuits wired with mc 10 gauge wire and Hubbell 5362 outlets. The wire goes from the new outlets in my den, which is where I listen to music, directly to my new square d pane... 
Dedicated power circuits
So the electricians are here today putting in my 3 dedicated power lines. I had a new square D QO 200 amp panel box installed with all new breakers. They also installed a 26kw standby Generac generator along with a whole house surge protector. For... 
Dedicated power circuits
I really appreciate all the helpful suggestions. What I’ve decided to do is 3 dedicated 20 amp circuits using the 10 gauge aluminum mc cable and eventually some nice Hubbell outlets although for inspection purposes the outlets will have to be chea... 
Dedicated power circuits
I saw that. I am having an electrician do all this work.  
Dedicated power circuits
So where do I find this twisted mc cable? All i see is untwisted or straight.  
Dedicated power circuits
Thanks again for everyone’s help and advice. Joem2 what you did is what I’m planning. Did you you use any kind of special wire? I’m assuming you just used normal 20 amp breakers.  
Dedicated power circuits
Thanks for all the responses. The Torus all in one looks interesting but at 18k it ain’t happening. Because of local code I’m going to have to use tamper resistant outlets which I will replace after the job is finished. Any special wire from the b... 
HiFi Rose 250
You need to download the Rose app. I use my iPad to control my 150 with the app.  
McIntosh preamps
I have a MC452 with a C47 now and seriously thinking about a new C22 mk 5.  
streaming and audiophile stereo
Although it took me a while to figure it out, I’m kind of slow with newer technology, I can heartily recommend the Rose Hifi 150 b streamer dac. It’s feature laden and sounds as good if not better than my turntable which is a Rega P8 with an Alphe... 
Quobuz subscription
I have both Tidal and Qobuz and both can sound great. I’m streaming them into my Rose 150b with a direct Ethernet cable into my router/modem. MQA on Tidal and hi rez on Qobuz both rival a really good recording on my turntable. I do have AT&T f... 
Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?
I put the Gaia 2’s under my Aerial 7t speakers about two weeks ago. My speakers are on carpet on a suspended floor, plywood over floor joists and were spiked.  The  first song I played there was a very noticeable difference or should I say improve... 
Problem with my Rose 150 b
I have to report in that my problem with connectivity has been figured out. Looks like I had a bad Ethernet cable. After switching to Wi-Fi for my connection everything worked great so I started thinking about what could be causing my connectivity...