Dedicated Vinyl system next upgrade?

Hi. I love my system. I really do. I love vinyl and listen to vinyl nearly exclusively via “appointment listening”. I do Sometimes stream and listen while I walk or while working but I love just sitting and listening to my stereo. I believe I’ve arrived regarding finally achieving a great set up and have experienced that vinyl “magic” that audiophiles obsess over. I understand that limitations exist and a great stereo will reveal the quality of a recording - good or bad. The law a diminishing returns regarding  upgrading is something I’m mindful of. I don’t have endless funds to spend on upgrades. My question is - what should I consider upgrading next? Should I ditch the integrated amp considering I’m using an external phono stage? Or should I go with a better integrated amp? Or should I look at a better cartridge? Do I upgrade my turntable or just the tonearm? Do I upgrade the power cable on my amp? 
Here’s what I’m currently working with - and thanks for your thoughts/suggestions! 

Clear Audio Concept Turntable
W/ Hana SL cartridge 

Herron Audio VTPH-2a Phono Stage

Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II integrated power amplifier 

Kimber Kable speaker wire and interconnects (I forget which model - an entry lever set - nothing crazy) 

Bowers and Wilkins 805 D3 stand mount loud speakers

Set of two stereo REL S/510 subs


If that were my system, I would look at some nice floorstanders, if you get an itch for a different presentation. If itch still persists, go up the food chain in tube amps-separates or  nicer integrated.

After that, knock it out of the park with a $5K+ table & $2K+ cart. Don't forget the US RCM.
Paul, the Concept is a fine table. You will have to spend a lot more to get significantly better. Yes, you have to make sure a tonearm fits before you buy it. The spec you need to look at is the spindle to pivot distance. If the spindle to pivot distance of the Zephyr lands anywhere near the center of your tonearm board you are in business. Ideally, you would get a new arm board from Clearaudio and drill it to spec for the Zephyr, plop it in and you are in business. 
I would much rather have a better arm and cartridge in a lesser turntable than the other way around. The next significant step up in a turntable would be to an isolated unit Like the Sota Sapphire IV and it is $3600. 
For less than that you can have the Zephyr and a Lyra Delos. That would for certain put you in hog heaven:)
@miostyn that is great!
Yes that is WHY we need or the great benefit with being able to adjust VTA while you play the record! (On the fly) because as you say our audio memory is not that long..

For example this after market tone arm can do that party trick: :)
Stogi S 12 VTA
Hah ! I love this forum. It took less than 48 hours for members to recommend thousands of dollars of upgrades, many of which would actually be side-grades, based on their personal tastes / preferences, not just answering your question. It's all good, but damn, it's a rabbit hole !

Paul, the Concept is a fine table. You will have to spend a lot more to get significantly better.

This is the best comment I've read, in my humble opinion.

You have a really nice system. I'd suggest small improvements like a good/better record cleaning system and then look at a better cartridge. These changes can potentially give you the biggest return on your investment.

Vinyl out sold CDs this year for the first time in history so the rabbit hole is growing ;~)
Just a quick observation regarding fuses if you go down that route.  You don't need to change 4. Only the main fuse to get the most benefit.  I've replaced several of my components with them and its a very nice cheap tweak.