Def Tech Supercube 4000

Hello everyone,  

           I'm hoping someone could help me figure out what happened to my sub I was watching a movie and all of a sudden the subwoofer stopped playing. No light now nothing there was no warning at all, I looked for a fuse in the back but I didn't see any. Thanks for your help. 


The Definitive Technology SuperCube 4000 features a 1200-watt digital amplifier, 56-bit DSP, 8" woofer with dual 8" passive radiators, & an included wireless ... point-click care’s CNA 

Hi, Thanks for your response but it was so simple fix, I don't know how but the plug came out of it not all the way just enough to break the power. I feel silly in a way but it's working great like it always has since I bought it. 

The best little subwoofer I've ever had,  only one. Lol

I was thinking of adding a 2nd one but the don't make it any longer a shame. Thxs again.

Keep on Rocking 😎🎶