deHavilland "Mercury 2" Preamp - anyone?

OK, so based on some recommendations from other Audiogoners, and the * 30-day home trial period* , I ordered a deHavilland Mercury 2 tubed linestage which I should receive within the next 2 weeks.

As I understand it - it provides jaw-dropping soundstage, dynamics and is "timbrally pure." It uses a "type 85 tube" Im not familiar with, and some "cascode" circuity, maybe someone can educate me here. Also point-to-point wiring and top, top shelf components throughout.

According to their designer and marketing people, it competes with preamps in the $15-20K range, even though it retails for only $3995. Too good to be true? I will decide, and if it aint everything its cracked up to be.... It goes back for a full refund. I think more manufacturers shoud offer that option - it shows real confidence.

Right now I am sans preamp (running the Audio Aero Capitole MK II, SE Version into a fully modded Berning ZH270, driving Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage's, with wiring by stereovox and electra glide epiphany's all around)

Here's a link:

your thoughts?
By all means, please keep us posted with your experiences with the DeHavilland preamp! I for one am very interested to hear your thoughts.
If it's better than the UltraVerve, (and why would they make it if it wasn't), you are in for a treat. I've got the UV and couldn't be happier. I'm bettin' the Mercury ain't goin' back.

I have had the original Mercury for six months. After 40 years of being an audiophile, this is probably the most satisfying new component. For the first time I just listen to the music without analyzing! According to Kara the difference between the original Mercury and Mercury 2 is the tube cage which has a shielding effect and some changes in the output circuitry. Please allow for break-in and give the amplifier a few minutes to warm up. After break-in, I do not recommend leaving it on all the time. I predict you are going to be a very happy camper!
Kara also mentioned the addition of the "cascode" follower with the merc 2, which puportedly addresses some of the "too laid back" feedback she/they had received on the original Mercury. Apparently its livelier, but still retains its bloom and overal tonal magic.... Looking forward to getting it - will report once i have it in and broken-ion some.
Let us know your impressions of the Mercury preamp. I love my Dehavilland Aries amps & Verve preamp. Kara, the designer of Dehavilland gear is a gem. I bought my Dehavilland gear 2nd hand from the original owner from Audiogon. Kara is down to earth and super friendly. Kara is ready, willing and able to answer questions and help out
even 2nd hand owners of Dehavilland gear. I have talked to her on the phone several times and through email. That really impressed me that she took the time to answer my questions. And told me to to contact her if I had more questions. Kara and Dehavilland make great sounding gear and support owners of their gear whether you buy it it new or used.

Regards, Mike
I just heard the Mecury2 with Odessey mono extemes(red boards) with JM Labs Alto Be and I was in heaven.Courious what the Merc2 would sound like with the GM-70 mono's.
i am running a mercury 3 with teflon caps for my set kit along with a pair of GM70 with upgraded input tubes from Kare. i love the sound.

it nice to have the option of set, and push/pull because both sound so different.