Demo of 9 ft tall Sound Lab Majestics this weekend

If you're a planar-head you might be interested in attending the meeting of the Chicago Audio Society this Sunday, April 30th. Dr. Roger West of Sound Lab and Mr. Richard Schram of Parasound will be present to demonstrate their products, namely the Sound Lab Majestics and Parasound JC-1 amplifiers as well as Parasound JC-2 preamplifier and D-3 universal disc player. Other demo equipment includes the CTC Blowtorch preamp, Vendetta Research phono stage, Kuzma Stabi Reference turntable with Stogi Reference tonearm and Shelter 90X cartridge, and Reimyo CDP-777 CD player.

The event will run from 2 to 5pm and is open to everyone. There is a $5 fee for nonmembers, and you can join if you wish. An early demo will be available for those who RSVP, please email me. Location is the Hilton Garden Inn O'Hare on S. River Rd. in Des Plaines just north of Devon Ave.

Brian Walsh
It has been a month since your post and I'm curious concerning your impressions on the new Parasound jc-2.IMO the jc-1s set the standard for performance/value.
Is it possible that the jc-2 is on the same level?
Hi Rost:
The JC-2 prototype captured a lot of interest. The immediacy and dynamics were impressive. The $17k CTC Blowtorch is better, as one might expect, but the JC-2 prototype held its own. I did some fairly serious comparison in my system between the two in my system, so I got a good idea of its performance characteristics. It isn't as sweet on top and extended at the bottom compared to the Blowtorch, nor does the JC-2 have the image depth, soundstage, and warmth, but it was satisfying to listen to. It will be very competitive. I estimate introduction to be in the fall, priced between $3k and $3.5k, but don't quote me on it. Parasound is working hard and will release information as soon as they are ready.