Denafrips Ares 2 for AVR center channel application ??

does anyone know if adding a Denafrips ares 2 or any dac for that matter to an AVR for music would be an improvement ? I use a Node2i into my Marantz in music mode all of the vocals come thru the center channel and it sounds great with the stock dac on the marantz or the node2I , I just dont know if adding a dac would affect the sound coming thru my center im tempted to get a real DAC and hook it up to my Node2i . I have a klipsch 504 and sounds amazing on its own with either the dac on the Marantz or the dac on the node2i no real differance to me . For 2 channel I can see it being better but my question is will it have an affect on voice thru the center channel because the denafrips would be sent in on left and right RCA then be processed by the receiver to come across the center or would it be a total waste of time and energy and money. I want the best possible sound thru my center channel because this is how I listen to my music. 
Denafrip DAC has problem with netflix and other streamer. The sound is lagging scene. You better just use a 5.1 7.1 AV receiver for video.
No , its is not for netflix this is for music only , I have a Node 2I as a streamer and want to use an external dac going into my AVR on an Input (cd) Via left and right RCA , What Im asking is if I want to take my digital stream from my Node and plug it into an external DAC I have a left and a right RCA , will playing music from the dac give me better center channel audio or is this only for 2 channel music ?    I like music mode where the music plays from the center and the subs .  Will playing Tidal HIFI over a Node2I streamer feeding a high end dac feeding a AVR on anyone its RCA inputs sound any better. I cant get a straight answer on this .
Im not interested in 2 channel audio Just yet , im interested in adding a dac just to play music over center channel music mode , I just dont know what the receiver does with this analog finished signal once it processes it , would it be better in any way or is a Dac like the Denafrips ares2 reserved just for 2 channel. I called crutchfeild they said yes it would help but he didn't sound to sure of himself . Im asking this because in the Ares the ladder dac has a ladder for each channel so the left and right RCA gets amplified as is , but if Im asking an AVR to process this signal thru 1 channel in music mode , Im looking for an improvement or is it a total waste of time?