Recommendations for 7 channel amp

I'm downsizing and selling my Threshold S500's, S300 and S200. I'm looking for a 7 channel amp to replace them with - in the $2000-$4000 range. Please give me you recommendations!



Outlaw for class A/B.  Might also check ATI and Monolith. Or three VIdar's :)

Buckeye for class D Purify. Not sure if VTV has a 7 channel. 

If you can find a GaN or Purify amp that can do 7 channels they’d be well worth a look, but I’d think they’d be above your price target even if you can.  D-Sonic has been making well-regarded, high-value amps for years, and you can get their 7-channel amp at 400Wpc for $3375 new direct from manufacturer.  There are some favorable reviews online if you take a look.

Best of luck. 

ARe you watching movies or listening to 2 channel sound.  My Denon 3700 is adequate for watching movies.  

I'm not sure you'll find an HT reciever that is great for 2 channel sound, especially in that price range. 


Try Emotiva BasX A7 or have them custom build your 7channel amp with the power modules you need.

Check out The McIntosh 8207. I use 5 channels for HT and save the other 2 in case my main 2 channel amp gets hurt.  

Buckeye Amps makes 8-channel models that will easily fit your budget. People rave about them. I personally would prefer to buy a trio of Purifi Eigentakt's (he only makes these in 1-3 channel models).

Joseph Sayhoun is the owner and not only do they build amazing amplifiers, Joseph himself sent me a video of him actually making mine (I have the 5 channel). They have different variations of the 7 channel but this one particular is just slightly above your top end at 4.2K. However if you reach out to them directly they will throw you a coupon😉!


My system does double duty for 2 and 5 channel music and HT and these amps are every bit as musical as they are as powerful for HT! He also ships these units in wooden crates. No expense is spared with Joseph!



I have used 5 channel ATI amps and liked them. You'd have to see if they have a 7 channel version.

Don't save your money... better to just get a 4 channel and hook all of them up.