Denafrips FPGA Firmware Update

In case there are any Denafrips DAC owners out there that are not aware of the FPGA Firmware Update, here's the link:

I did the update on my Ares II earlier today and am currently enjoying the results.  It is definitely an improvement without question.


It seems to me that 1.3 and 1.4 FW are all improving the sound stage and transparency over the 1.0. However, if the system has tendency to harshness, the 1.4 is more suitable. And, if your system is on the warm side, then the 1.3 is preferable.

My system is on the warm side and 1.3 is just fine with me. 

Thanks to Alvin for the upload.

It was mentioned earlier that a DSP upgrade could be had for $350, but appears not to be the case with the Terminator II-Plus.

I say this above because I have a Terminator II, and am wringing my hands over being able to be successful with any updates.

I'm sure there's a number of unknowns at this point for any-all Denafrips owners.

Will there then be update versions like the various flavors of ice cream you can have when walking into an ice cream shop?

Or will one eventual future update be the end-all, and "that's all folks"?

Will such updates then become a permanent fixture on their website-etc for access say 2-3 years from now?  Or no?

The 1.4 update actually managed to increase midrange clarity with absolutely zero increase in treble energy. In fact, I had previously switched from the very true Mogami Neglex Quad RCA cable connecting the Pontus II to my Kinki EX-M7 amp to one with a darker countenance to battle excess treble energy coming from the Spendor A7s. After the upgrade, however, I switched back due to the new nature of the sound.  I also reduced the volume my REL Tx7 sub one notch.

My CD transport is a Marantz 14S1 that I also use to play SACDs. Prior to the update, the CD sound from the Marantz was very close to that of the Pontus II. Had to listen hard to hear the differences, and on some recordings there weren't any. That has changed. A switch to the Pontus II now reveals greater clarity, more 'in the room' presence, greater ease, and more heft. I am very, very impressed.

ENYO's original firmware version 1.1 is replaced by ARES2 version 1.o firmware provided by Alvin, the sound is better.