Denafrips Pontus II FPGA firmware upgrade 2023

After submitting my request for the upgrade yesterday, in the today morning I got the password and instructions to proceed. I got the time to do it this afternoon.

Now, I am listening for little more than an hour and my first impressions are of more clarity and tridimensionality. To assess things more easily I am using my Tidal playlist and so far I am very impressed with the SQ improvements - Auralic Aries Femto connected with Audioquest Carbon USB and Belden 8402 from the dac to the amp.

It is easy to say that now the soundstage depth and especially width are significantly enhanced. There seems to be another notch on realism and scale. Things are very composed and natural. 
My system was already performing beautifully in terms of engagement, totally commanding our attention to the music, and continues to be, detailed but non-fatiguing, but I feel that there is now a bit more liquid quality to the sound, a bit more relaxed in a good way... but I have to listen more of course.

So far, well done Denafrips.

Note: the firmware upgrade was less straightforward than I expected, but it was mostly Windows 10 related


Hi @audiofilo123 

Can I ask how your experience with the Firmware (v1.3?) is progressing?

I have a brand new Pontus 12th, which is only 5 days old.  So far, I'm moderately unhappy with its glassy digital tone, sibilant female voices and light bass.


Hi, I must say that I was expecting to hear some improvements on the FW1.3 but that never happened, in fact was the worst digital experience of my audiophile life.

Then I have returned to the FW1.0 and all was instantly amazing again... in fact it is the best digital experience of my my system. So I totally recommend the original FW, and Denafrips products and the outstanding customer support.

Have been apprehensive about doing the FW update to my 9 month old P-2 12th. I’ve had no clicking ever and am quite pleased with my system. Not being one to hear half of the nuance you guys do, I think I’ll stick with the old adage…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

I opted to purchase a new DSP  board instead of risking it liking the upgrade. However in hindsight I was overly cautious and now have my original and happily working new board. 

In the short time I’ve spent listening to it   I’m really impressed.there definitely is more detail especially found in the articulation of lyrics. I can clearly make out distinct words in songs which has enhanced the musical experience.

The sound stage has also taken a more 3D quality. Wider and deeper. 

@thelonious527 ,

Could you tell me the cost of the replacement board?

Does it have the layest 1.4 firmware installed on it?