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PURON RESOLVE creates new options for better sound
And still…no explanation of what they do and most importantly, how they do it. I’m too old to believe in magic. And as stated above, if these mystery boxes “change” the sound, that does not necessarily mean they “improve” the sound.    My humble ... 
PURON RESOLVE creates new options for better sound
@barts I heard those carbon fiber switch plate covers are a game changer.    Ever wonder why there is so much skepticism tied to this hobby?  
PURON RESOLVE creates new options for better sound
And still not a word to explain exactly what they do or how they do it. Hmmmm. Mpingo discs anyone?  
Aurender Model Choices
@jfrmusic Of course you know this but it’s worth repeating.  SQ is ONLY in the ear of the beholder.  Sound quality has no relationship to what someone paid for their equipment. I’m often amazed how folks automatically link sales price as THE metri... 
A quick question on what streamers to consider.......
@hsounds Agree completely. For backyard or background music while cooking/socializing, even a Node may be overkill. Surprised many are suggesting costly high-end devices for that application.   
Turntable Cartridge upgrade question.
I run a Hana ML with a Sutherland Insight phono preamp (and VPI table) with very good results.  Not terribly expensive…may be worth a listen.   
Yes, cables do make a difference -- regardless of price...
@davetheoilguy A shielded cable of proper gauge can be had for $20. I think we’re making the same point. I believe most proponents of costly power cables do so not primarily because of shielding, as that’s a given. Rather they are able to hear a s... 
"Happy To Be Stuck With You!!!"
Having recently acquired my first Revel speakers…the lowly f208, I keep thinking about upgrading. Then I’ll put a Patricia Barber album on the platter and again, the jaw drops. Even if these are their entry level (Performance 3 line) speakers, I m... 
Yes, cables do make a difference -- regardless of price...
Cables that carry an audio signal make a difference. Cables that carry electricity from the wall to a transformer?…well…  
Looking for 200 watt Amp to drive Dynaudio Heritage speakers
Another vote for the Hegel H390. 250 wpc into 8ohms, 45 lbs. I share your distaste for cinder block behemoths.   
Accuphase E-5000 factory power cord good enough?
Suggest focusing on cables that are in the sound path. The good folks at Accuphase surely would not supply an inadequate cord to feed electricity to the transformers…long before an audio signal is involved.   
I took Frank Zappa’s advice
But will it make that Dinah-mo Hum?   I whipped off her bloomers 'n stiffened my thumb And applied rotation on her sugar plum I poked 'n stroked till my wrist got numb But I still didn't hear no Dinah-Moe Humm Dinah-Moe Humm  
Mcintosh pre amp pricing
Like a Rolex, Mac may be the cheapest audio product you can own. Buy what you want and relax. Prices aren’t going down.   
Thank Heavens For The Internet World Used/ Pre-Owned High End Audio Market!!!!
Of course it’s left us with precious few HiFi shops to visit, listen to equipment and chat with others eyeball to eyeball. None, in fact, within hundreds of miles from here.  In general, I agree with the OP but miss having 2 or 3 shops in town lik... 
New streamer
Since you’re keeping your Node, why not install a LPS and see what you think before spending thousands?  Cost is minimal. I added a Teddy Pardo LPS to mine and am quite impressed.