Dennesen ABLT-1 tonearm

Anybody have experience with the Dennesen Air-Bearing Linear Tracking Tonearm (ABLT-1)?  I've come across one that I'm told by the current owner "doesn't work."  Trying to get more info, but I suspect that - assuming there are no parts missing - its just the air pump is not functioning.  The only source I could find online is that a 1.5 psi pump is needed:

I currently have an ET-2 air-bearing tonearm, so I figured I'd try that pump on the Dennesen to see if I could get it going.

Doesn't anybody have experience using and/or restoring these? I've tried to locate information online and not finding much detailed info or discussions in other forums.

Assuming I could get the tonearm working again, is it even worth the effort (and whatever cost)? From the lack of info online, I'm assuming since information/discussions about them online is scarce that didn't perform well and were mostly abandoned? 

I played around with one many, many years ago, well before I got my ET2.5.  Yes, it could be the pump, but it also could be that the manifold is clogged or otherwise damaged.

I guess if you can get it cheap enough, it might be worth a shot, but it might just be thrown away cash too.

I understand wanting to get a deal in hoping all will work out.....
I'd check into a Trans-Fi Terminator
I'm not necessarily looking for a new tonearm, just came across this (apparently) rare one and was intrigued by the possibility saving it and getting it working to attach to a second system or passing on to somebody else to appreciate it.

I have very almost no experience with restoring gear like this, but I'm patient and this tonearm doesn't appear to be as complex as the ET-2. 
You have a working ET-2 so why bother. The Dennesen is flimsy and difficult to set up. Not many of them were sold. 
Why bother? I don't know why do other folks have multiple turntables, amps, speakers, etc? To tinker with a new toy? Experience the joy of getting a (relatively) rare tonearm back to working condition and seeing what it can do?

I don't have unlimited resources or time, but if it could be worthwhile (based on other's experiences) I'm game.