Denon DL-160 discontinued?

That's what says. Ouch! Anyone know what's going on here? I think the DL-160 is one of the most important products out there today, it's been an entry point into true high fidelity sound for so many of us.

Subtopic: I always found it somewhat baffling that a relatively large Japanese corp like Denon still makes a line of carts, it'll be a sad day if/when that comes to a close. Surely the DL-103 will never die though....
The 110 is almost identical and slightly better if it is still in production. The prices had not risen in years, the 160 use to cost about the same as the Dynavector 10X series, the Dyna is now 3X the Denon's cost.
I just purchased one from that place in Dinkytown. Just about broken in and sounds pretty great for the money. Thought of buying two in case they become a cult classic. Made me wonder if all the usual mods (new body, nuding, etc) are applicable to it. It's appearance is the only thing holding it back.
Denon is making way for the DL-A100, which is the successor to the DL-103. Don't worry, there is a large NOS inventory out there. Anyone hear the A100 yet?
oooh how exciting, I didn't realize they'd announced the 100 anniversary products yet. There's a turntable too (not as interesting, but cool never the less)..