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How to convert TV optical output to XLR
I just got a Samsung smart TV. Digital audio out is optical. Menu came set a PCM. There were other options but I didn't care at that point. Purchased a doo-dad that converts optical to coax and plugged it into a Tascam DA-30 MK2 Dat deck. Works li... 
Have you found reliable online used vinyl vendors? 
Benefit of low output moving-iron Grado ?
I've been lurking around this thread as I too have a Reference Sonata and felt it was very brash, comparing it to my Zu DL103 on my other table. Tried the 10k loading and it did the trick. Much more laid back but did not lose any of the sparkle. 
GOLDMUND T5 power supply voltage
My wallwart measures 12 VDC 
Sony CD player CDP XA 20 ES question
You need to use the puck it comes with. Won't work without it. 
Option to decode dolby / dts
I am interested in this also. For me it is wanting to convert the 5.1 into 2 channel (PCM?) so i can use my Tascam DAT player as a DAC. I would never, of course, record any Great Performances or Austin City boundries. All I get now is a chatter no... 
Family Band "Grace & Lies"
Is this available on vinyl? I have "We Walk This Road" and it is really, really good. Great production. 
Frank Zappa?
Carol King is my musical mother and FZ is my father. 
Atma-Sphere MA-2 amplifier
Sorry I missed your show at the 7th st entry a couple of weeks ago. 
Atma-Sphere MA-2 amplifier
Well done Ralph. Your products are only beat by your customer service. 
are new Blue Note records really Blue Notes ?
I bought Lou Donaldson "Aligator Bogaloo" and it sounds really good. Going to buy more of these reissues for that reason and the originals never show up for sale (in a record store). 
$6 Million Dollar Man?
I'm pretty tolerant of cluttered listening rooms but it would be hard to relax in that room. Plus, it must get up to about a kajillion degrees in there after a while. NASA derived air conditioning? 
Buying an old Wadia or Meridiean CD player
I have a Meridian 506.24 that was a smoking deal (divorce). It really sound fantastic. Makes my Sony XA20ES sound like its gargeling gravel. BUT, it is fussy about playing some discs and Meridian will not support it. If it's a good deal, get it bu... 
Dumb question? WHAT IS YOUR SEAT/ CHAIR?
Just "restored" a Selig/Plycraft Eames pirate/knock-off/fake with new high desity foam. Worst thing ever for my rapidly depleting social life. 
T lavitz A huge loss to music
"Dregs of the Earth" was the very first CD I ever bought. Still have it as well as a Super Disk and the rest of the collection. Too bad for the loss.