Denon DL103 bought in Asia- What to expect?

I was wandering Hong Kong yesterday (I'll post another thread soon re. audio adventures in China and Hong Kong) mostly looking for some car accessories when my audiophile mojo kicked in and I stumbled across a Denon DL103. After some haggling I bought it for $180 U.S.

My current set up: Oracle Delphi IV 'table, Oracle SME345 arm, Grado Sonata MM pickup, Primare phono stage.

The Denon is a MC cart, I'm not concerned about my phono stage's ability to step up .3mv I'm 6000 miles away from my rig right now *sigh* I am curious how the DL103 will sound compared to my current cart, any and all opinions are most welcome. Best, Jeff
If you search this forum on the topic of the DL103 you will
find many passionate fans. I own two 103D's (bought one
as a spare) and owned many cartridges in between after
my first 103D bought in Japan 22 years ago. The 103 is
a classic and one of the bargains in audio. You would
easily have to spend 3-5 times as much for a noticeable
improvement, and many (myself included) think it can give
most any cartidge a run for the money.
I have a Shelter 501 II and a Denon DL103R mounted on a SME 312. Both are excellent cartridges; the 103R is a lush sounding cartridge and the Shelter seems to be a bit "crisper" than the Denon. But, the Shelter was three times the price (from Hong Kong) of the Denon. I use both cartridges and enjoy them both.

for 180 to 260 bucks (103, 103R) you simply cannot go wrong. I also own a Dynavector DV20XH (hi output MC) and, while it is a good cartridge, it is not in the same league as the Denon or Shelter.
it might be late, now it is 2006. Still there is something I like to post. I used the DL 103 and have changed to the DL 103R at a cost of us$249 from Audiocubes not including postage. Since then the first record I put on my P-25 is guitar music, not group but solo nylon strings instrument playing classical, spanish etc, the timbre, clarity, harmonics from this instrument are haunting, the DL 103R is that good.

But I must mention my rig, otherwise it is meaningless.

DL 103R/Lehmann Audio BC
Musicable i/c now looking for AQ Lapis/Emerald x3
AQ Clear loudspeaker cable (first generation circa 1993)
Union Research/Unico P
Audio Physic Yara