Bedroom System

Mostly hand-me-downs as I upgraded my main system. Easy to listen to, makes work almost bearable.

Home Theatre

Not a TV or movie guy, the family likes it though

17 year-old daughter's system

She loves her system, uses it constantly.

Basement Home Theatre

Basement Home Theatre

The kids use this a lot, we're on our second TV as the first one somehow fell off the stand all by itself.

Main System

Main System

Does everything I need, only changes will probably be tube-rolling and tweaking. Jeff

20 year-old son's system

I encourage my kids to listen to music, so they each have a modest system in their room

Traveling System

Need to keep it under control cuz I have to haul this stuff all over the world

19 year-old daughter's system

She listens to all sorts of music, the Proton tuner section is a God-send