Denon DL301 vs Benz micro glider

I would like to know which is better?
I am now using Grado Presitege Gold. I am looking for more details and air. Would any of these bit mine?
I'm unsure about the comparo with either. Owned an oiginal Glider, and was very happy with it.

From what I understand, the Glider will soon be getting a better Stylus, the Gieger Stylus, which I believe is a finer, Line Contact Design. Should help improve the Glider's performance. Mark
I haven't heard the DL-301, so I can't comment on it, but I own a Glider L2 LO, DL-103 and 103R. I run them through an EAR 834P. The Denons are smoother in every respect. There's an edginess with the Glider that I don't like. It's not in your face by any means, but the 103's are more lifelike and natural sounding. All three need a SUT and I found the 103s are particularly sensitive to loading. The built-in step up in the 834P doesn't work well with it. A better option is a Cinemag or a Lundahl LL9206.

I realize this doesn't say anything about the DL-301, but it has a similar design to the 103, it's low output and costs about the same. The big difference is compliance. The 103 is low and the 301 is medium. Here's an excellent discussion worth reading: Phono stage for Denon DL103R