Denon DP-45-F Questions, manual.

Hello members,

My son just bought (at Salvation Army) a Denon PD-45F. It presently has a Denon CL-60 cartridge on it. Our problem is that there is no manual and there are a few questions concerning: tracking weight, damping(?), and how to use the back arm weight.

Does anyone have a manual or helpful info? Right now, we turned it on and it plays with the back weight all the way up the arm. Tracking button is at about 1.5 and the damping one is at 1. The sound is pleasantly...well, pleasant.

A new vinylphile is born! (Well, he is 20 so maybe not born.)

Thank you for your consideration.
Figuring that this arm is no different from others on mid-priced tables, I floated the arm with the back weight and then added the 1.7-1.9 grams with the numbered side "tracking" wheel. Seems to work ok. The "damping" wheel doesn't seem to affect the sound, no matter the setting.

I am bit perplexed as to why this table sounds so damn good. The arm is...different? Denon has it labeled, "Dynamic Servo Tracer". The DL-60 (I learned on the Asylum) is also known as: DL-160 (MM cartridge and some folks seem to like it quite a bit for the price). This cartridge is in very good shape, judging by the sound so far. No, it's not my TNT but it certainly gives midprice digital a bit of a black eye. Oh yeah, my son payed $9.99 for it.

If any of the technical or set-up info above is wrong, please let us know.

Thank you.
Shhh, don't tell the member who paid $350 for mine 2 yeares ago. 'Course mine was mint AND had OBM. He got quite a bargain.
Damn, Swampwalker, that member then got a great deal. I am really surprised at the sound of this table and the cabinet is in excellent shape as well. Other than the usual scratches on the dust cover, it looks like it wasn’t used very much.

You have any other cartridge suggestions for this table I can pass along?
I bought my DP-45F in Okinawa about 1982 - still using it almost daily. Regardless of the debate about direct vs. belt drive it sounds great and it's convenient since the automatic features work well.

It originally came with a DL-60 cartridge - stll have that too. Right now I'm using a DL-160 (which may be the same as a DL-60) - a high output moving coil so it would probably work on most moving magnet phono inputs (see the Needledoctors comments at

If you still want an owner's manual let me know and I'll scan mine to PDF and send it next week (I'm off to ACL Fest so out of pocket for a few days).