Denon DP-A100 - is it that bad?

Maybe I sorta have the DD itch, maybe I dont. Picked up a used 1210 a little while back for giggles. It's definitely pretty good but doesnt blow me away. My plan is to build it into a nice wood sandbox plinth and use it in my family/party room which I'm currently renovating - maybe I'll also add an Audio Mods Rega arm too. My prize belt drive SOTA Star with Jelco arm is substantially better overall though and according to my tech who serviced it a ways back, the speed was bang on and consistent, so it doesnt falter there either.

Now I see the Denon anniversary table has hit the market at $1000-$1100 below it's original list. Well its reel purty, but some reviews, ie a thread on AK, are not so complimentary. Has anyone here had a chance to live with it for awhile? Especially been able to compare it to something like my SOTA? Please, no jacked up answers from guys looking to rid themselves of theirs anytime soon....LOL
Does it make sense at $1400 or is it just a dog at half that still? If it's actually better, I may flip the 1210 for it.
Would like to know myself, as I have a interest in the turntable. The few reviews I've read from buyers rate it highly. Find it hard too believe that Denon would make a dog for there 100 year statement turntable.
Glen, as I peel the onion, there's not a lot of love for it, which of course rationalized the steep price drops. A buddy who's an industry insider tells me the Chinese content is high and that it's assembled there. Suggests a lot of new $1500 tables should blow the doors off it.
Im a big fan of buying used at a price that can be recovered if you're not fond of the piece. This one is starting to look a bit odious.
Mickey, some sites still have the turntable at the original list, along with some of the other anniversary units. Best to scout around for those interested. Should it be made in China it should certainly sell for less in my view at least. Some comments I have read, the objection seems too be that it not enough of a upgrade over some of the previous models.
The price drop on the Denon really caught my attention.In that price range the Clearaudio and VPI brands are on my short list. Sounds like my current Thorens and thirty year old Technics turntable will keep on spinning. I would like to get one last well made turntable to run with for the next several years.
I'm told Bay Bloor Radio in Toronto has one on 'display' and I may check it out. If they dont have it in a playing system that's another black mark. Glen your main system is pretty sweet, you should definitely be looking considerably farther up the food chain for your vinyl source.
Thanks Mickey for your comment on my system. Alas... my sons tuition eats up most all the food in the chain.
Please post your findings, should you be able to audition the Denon.
There appeared a article in the latest Sterephile about the Denon, outside of an issue with the mounting of the cartridge, the reviewer seemed to like it.
Actually, I didnt think the review, Art Dudley, thought that much of it. He more liked the cartridge.
11-15-11: Glenfihi
There appeared a article in the latest Sterephile about the Denon, outside of an issue with the mounting of the cartridge, the reviewer seemed to like it.

I don't think Art Dudley actually did much listening to it.
The 'issue' with mounting the cartridge was that the supplied cartridge - aniversary Denon 103 - could not be aligned to Baerwald geometry in the headshell.
IME the Denon 103 has standard stylus to mounting distance and has always landed in the middle of the headshell slots for Baerwald alignment (on the Graham arms I've used).

The arm on the DP-A100 has either been very poorly designed or Denon intend you use a different alignment, for which I'd presume they would supply their own protractor (Art didn't mention anything like that in his review).
Buyer beware IMO.
Whatever the case, I was glad to read these messages. Never knew it was reduced by $1000. A dealer in NJ listed their demo, with scratched, looks like 2 years later, for $1288. I am tired of 'beating' with others for it and decided to withdrawal from the madness. I am glad I did knowing now, it was retail for $1499.

Well here my story I was looking for a nice turntable for long time now my budget was $2000 so it came down to Denon DP-A100 100th Anniversary or the Marantz TT-15S1 Reference. I have my eyes on the Denon for long time, also the Marantz is nice! looking turntable too and less expensive any way I went with the Denon couldn't resist, I'm glad I did seen this turntable in person WoW!!😲 just amazing and sounds really good too, no regrets..👍👍😆Bernie 👽