Marantz SA-KI Ruby vs Denon DCS-A110 Anniversary Edition

I am thinking of upgrading from a Marantz CD 6007. Does anyone have experience comparing these two?


I noticed Marantz has a new CD player for around 1000.00.  Music Direct just listed it in today's email, may be worth a look.

Here is my review of the DCD-A110, which I got a little over a week ago ... I hope it’s helpful:

The Denon DCD-A110 Anniversary Edition is a terrific piece of gear. Yes, I know, the SACD/CD formats are purportedly dead and streaming is all the rage currently. Well, I’m somewhat of a Luddite, and still want to play physical media given my extensive collection of discs and the tactile joy they bring.

"Mr. Denon" replaces a 20 year old Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 3D CD player. Right out of the box, there is a gravitas and tremendous detail to the Denon. As great as the Nu-Vista is (it uses tubes in the output stage), I can tell that the Denon is far better. Incredible micro-detail and much greater depth in soundstage than in the MF. Twenty years of technological advancement plainly is evident here. Nonetheless, I intend to keep the MF as a back-up.

The sound leans to the warm side ever so slightly, and is highly detailed without being thin or clinical. SACD playback is quite excellent, but it’s with Redbook that this baby shines. The CD sound is hi-res in every sense, and the player certainly brings older CDs from the pleistocine era into the modern world. That may be atrributable to the quad DAC set-up.

Build quality is off the charts ... it’s a heavy beast with a beautiful, gun metal finish. The internals are chock full of high quality parts, so it’s obvious that Denon focused heavily on sound quality. There simply is no empty real estate inside. If I had to nitpick, it would be: (a) no balanced outputs; and (b) lack of an "eject disc" function on the remote. I don’t stream, so the lack of digital inputs is irrelevant to me. This is a purist, old-school design in many ways, and is a statement piece by Denon.

Plainly, the Denon will open up as it breaks in, but wow ... first track out of the box and the sound is awesome. I’m really flabbergasted. I never thought of Denon as high end, but in this player Denon has pulled out all the stops and created a marvelous sounding piece for all of us "old timers." Luddites unite!

I  tried out the Denon, and it was great. 
returned as the supper could not get the color definition correct - they called it black, and Denon states it comes only n the silver color. 

I ended up with the Marantz SACD30n, and have never looked back. 

have not heard a newer Narantz, but not surprised they would do one as Denon has the DCD1300 which was a very good CD that okayed SACD also. 

I am out of town for the Holiday and staying with relatives.  There is an audio store a few minutes from my relatives and I stopped in yesterday and was starting to listen to the new Denon when after 5 minutes I was called away for a family emergency.  I was impressed by the little audition, and don’t think that you would be unhappy if you purchased it.  I have a previous version of this player which  I should sell off (I changed to using an Oppo 105 outputting to a DAC that has HDMI inputs) but the new player seems to sound tighter with  more focused bass.

  I haven’t heard the Ruby but Marantz players also seem to sound good in the midrange (where most music lives) but roll off the treble.

The Denon seems to be impressing! 

I owned and compared side by side the SA-10 and KI Ruby, ultimately settling on the Ruby. Yes, the SA-10 was very slightly better in the bass and image size, but the Ruby was VERY close. 

For those who stream, the DSD d/a converter is superb, even when driven by my MacBook. 


Thanks for the replies everyone. While I am not unhappy with the sound coming from my Marantz CD 6007 I can't help but to admire the build quality of the KI Ruby and the Denon. I would think there would be a big improvement in sound as well. I am a cost conscious shopper and have been looking at the used market as well as b-stock/refurbished.

I would seriously consider the Marantz 30n sacd as well but seeing the Ruby may still be had around the same price it's  great options to have . I ended up with the 30n sacd when choosing at this price point  and couldn't be happier!

I haven't compared the 2, but will say, you can't go wrong with the Ruby, I love mine.  I kind of wish it had xlr outputs like it's big brother the Marantz SA10, but it wasn't a deal breaker, especially at the cost. 

Marantz SA-10 replaced my Esoteric K-01. Never looked back. SA-10 is that good sonically, well worth the money. I use XLR outs. settings, Dither 1, Noiseshaping 3-1, headphone amp off, Gain set to low (does make a difference for some reason, mid is OK, but low is more details). Sound s best ofter being on and in use for a few hours. 

Can’t offer anything about the Denon, but FWIW very happy with the Ruby. Tremendous improvement over the Oppo 105, and functions as a very good DAC for me.