Denon DVD 2900 5900 etc Audio VS Oppo 83SE Audio

Hi all-
I have a Denon DVD 5900 player and a dedicated Denon BluRay player (HDMI output only). My MF Tri Vista SACD player crapped out a while back and I have been using the 5900 for SACD playback. This unit is well reviewed but is a little lack-luster IMO. So for all you 'Goners that have experience with both the Denon (2900 through 5910 series) and the new Oppo 83 SE, please let me know how the SACD and DVD-A SOUND compare. I'm looking at the Oppo because I do not want to spend a fortune as I really do not listen to SACDs' or DVD-A's that much, but I do have a collection of around 75 or so. If the Oppo does not sound much better or involving than what I have I'll stick with what I already own. The other advantage for me is the Oppo will replace 2 units with 1, freeing up a shelf for better placement of my Pass power supply. Your input will be greatly appreciated.
I have a parts conexion modified 2900, and have done a/b comparison with the Oppo 83 SE i is very close to the same quality of sound
I don't have any experience with the Denon and Oppo units but would like to provide some hopefully useful input for you.

If you have 75 SACDs (I'm jealous since I only have about a dozen but building), and you're willing to spend some $$$, consider the NAD M5 Master Series multi-channel SACD player at $1799.00. To have an M5 is one of my goals. Right now I'm using a Marantz DV6001 universal player which plays multi-channel SACDs and it sounds fabulous. I can only imagine how much better the M5 will sound. If you're coming off a highly expensive Tri Vista SACD player, how much are you willing to spend on a replacement? While I'm sure the Denon and Oppo units are great, do you want to move up a notch? You didn't specify what your budget is. The M5 has received 5 star reviews and is supposed to sound superb.
I replaced my Tri Vista with a PS Audio Perfectwave DAC. IMO it easily performs better than the MF, even though it does not play SACD audio. The PS does play hi-rez, but not SACD, and I do not believe it does DVD-A either. I do not have the PSA transport, I use my computer as a source. I much prefer its convenience.

I think I was hoping that the newer Oppo unit would be benefitting from newer technology that would outperform my older MF paper weight and Denon 5900. People rave about the Oppo SE; I just wonder how good it really sounds.
What mods did you get? How did they improve the sound? You say they are very close in sound quality, but do you have a preference?