Denon DVD A1 ---> digital input only 44/48khz ?

Unfortunately I could not be helped in Italian forums.
My question :
I stream Amazon Music HD and use the DAC of the Denon DVD A1, the streamer is connected to the Denon A1 via a coax cable. Depending on the music title, the display also shows the sampling rates /88khz/96khz even 192 khz.
But only strong hissing comes from the loudspeakers.
Does anyone know the solution to the problem?
According to the user manual, the Denon DVA A1 should accept sampling rates up to 96 khz.
DVDs-Audio with sampling rates of 96kHz work perfectly.




the streamer is a Blusound Vault, if I connect the streamer to a CHORD DAC, everything works perfectly


According to Blusound’s documentation the Vault has a built in Dac. From what I’ve read about the Denon the Dac handling the audio accepts 24 bit/192 kHz signals. I’m not certain about Amazon’s HD format but with the Denon you should try the “Audio Format” selection to see if any provide better results. It seems MP3 and Linear PCM are acceptable. Please see the attached- sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Denon DVD-A1