Denon PMA-2000IVR + Zu?

Does anyone have experience with this integrated driving Zu speakers? I saw a photo on 6moons that was labelled "Zu Skunkworks", in which, there was a pair of Essence and what appears to be a prototype of their "forthcoming new speaker" (I will leave it at that, although I know a bit more), and on the rack was this monster of a Denon integrated (among other gear, including a big Pass Labs amp).

Just curious if this is just what was laying around being used for testing or if it is actually a sonically rewarding match to the high efficiency Zu speakers. Any inside info?
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Anyone? I know it seems most use low power tubes for their Zu speakers because they work so well. But they will take a ton of SS power as well. Just curious how this particular tank of a Denon handles the task.