Denon Pre Amp no sound

Dealing with an issue in a recent post I bought a inexpensive pre amp to get me by until my equipment is repaired. I bought a PRA 1500 pre amp off of Ebay to mate up with my Denon POA 1500 amp. Anyway, of course, it came dorked up. One of the CD rca plugs were broken, but more importantly the small red light on the volume dial is not lit and the pre produces no sound. When something like this occurs is there one or two issues that typically cause the damage? And did I learn something from this experience, no more equip off of Ebay (again). I look forward to you thoughts. Thanks much, Dave
Have you checked the fuse(s)? I have bought things from ebay with no problems; just like here you have to be careful who you deal with.
Buyers on Ebay have more leverage in these situations than sellers. Contact seller through Ebay or PayPal and try to resolve it.

I did own that Denon combo you have and was really pleased with the way it mated very well with my Klipsch Fortes. Hopefully seller will refund you a good portion of the $$$ for you to get it repaired.

Thanks guys for your responses. I did work out arrangements with the seller in which I got most of my $$ back and kept the pre. The seller was very good to work with and I was appeciative of that. Stan, unfortunately it does not have external fuses. I also agree that the Denon POA 1500 amp is a nice representative of 70's early 80's Japanesse equipment, that's why I bought the pre to match it up with. I have other equipment that needs to be repaired so I'll just bring this along also. Again, thanks much, Dave
Take the case off and look inside, both on top and bottom of circuit board. I was once fooled by a Kenwood 917 tuner which had them in both locations. This does not require advanced skills or tools beyond a screwdriver or allen wrench.
Stanwal, good call. Yes, there is an internal fuse that looks fine. I also discovered that a thin cable from the inside of the volume knob was broken, looks like it just wore out from years of use. Hopefully a simple soder project with a piece of new wire. To all, thanks. I'll follow up after the repair is made. Dave