Denon's 100th anniversary

Here's something interesting from Denon

100th Anniversary Products
Interesting...thanks. It's strange though that if you look at the integrated amplifier under "specifications", it lists features, but no specs, or even the power output.
The integrated amp is rated at 80 watts at 8ohms and 160 at 4 ohms. It's listed under the "downloads" and under "owner's manual". Looks pretty nice...
So, can you get me a deal on the headphones? Wondering how they're planning to improve on the AH-D7000's....Maybe the AHD7000's will become passe, and I'll be able to pick up a pair....CHEAP.....LOL--or not.
Are the components actually upgraded? Or are they given a fancy finish and a signed plaque?

The turntable with cartridge looks great, but it seems very similar to DP-500.

Is it a better table?
The TT Weighs about ten pounds more than the DP-500. But I don't know other than that.