Desktop Monster as compact as possible

Hi all,

I am looking for a pair of desktop speakers powered or passive. Yes yes, I am an audiophile and I have a main reference system setup with a pure analog focus, but I am looking for something different for my desktop. When I am on my desktop, I listen to electronic music, Hard rock, old school rap mainly from highly inferior sources like MP3, Youtube, live streams etc... so, VERY different from what I spend most of my time listening to on my other system. As such, I have a list below of the criteria for my speakers that bode well with the aforementioned genres and my needs.

-Loud, I want loud !
-Bass, deep tight bass and lots of it, more than what is really in the source or that would come from a neutral representation of the recording. Do not want faithful.
-Minimal distortion at loud listening levels
-I don't want to much high end, I could care less if the speakers ever play above 12K at 3 db or better.
-Powered/Active would make it easier
-If not powered then efficient enough to run off 10 or less watts ( have a nice single ended amp I can use for this)
-Preferably not more than 2 speakers, at most 3 (left+ right+sub)
-As cheap as possible, but must meet above criteria
-I have space issues, so as small as possible for the front speakers a larger sub is not much of a problem. MUST HAVE THE BASSSSSSS

I dont know anything about this type of speaker, becuase for the most part of my audiophile life I have been avoiding precisely that type of speaker. I have seen the KRK rockits, M-AUdio BX8s, Yamaha NS10s (no bass) and a couple of other things on peoples desktops here and there but really dont know what is best for my needs, or who knows there might be something much more interesting out there that meet the list perfectly.

Please let me know what you suggest, thanks.
I would look at Adams or vanatoo transparent 1's for actives. Another idea is a Peachtree deep blue 2. I saw one on here the other day for $400.
If you're willing to wait til they show up used, I'd recommend the NHT M00 powered monitors w S00 powered sub. They will go LOUD and the sub will give you mucho bass if you want.
I will look into those options. I have never heard them before, maybe I can find a shop that has them. Thanks. Anyone else have recos...keep them coming please;