Detail Magnifiers by Econotweek

I just recieved some sets of these for my Bi wire speakers.
Not sure if these take time to break in.
I was told they sound great right away, others have said they take a few weeks.
Right now I am not sure if they are doing anything. I also have the Ground Controls on the speakers.

I was wondering if anyone else has these and perhaps could give an opinion of these compared to the Walkers.
The web site says you have to use them for a while, and then take them off, to hear how much they do. They say it is like having a heavy woolen Burka lifted from in front of your speakers.
All kidding aside they are RC networks which do have a positive effect on many speakers. The seller compares them directly to Walker Audio Valid Points.
I know people who have used them but for unexplained reasons take them off and sell them.
Mechans, Thanks for your comments.
So, far they have about 1 hour of playing time and they were quite cool when I installed them (directly from the packing box).
It did seen like they were getting better towards the end of that hour.
Tommorrow I will play them much longer.
A speaker "snubber". Essentially, a high pass spike filter that's supposed to absorb RFI/EMI as advertised. Don't think so. Behind a Pass X350.5. WTF?
Update: The Detail Magnifiers now have about 12 hours of playing time and already the sound is improving.

I don’t know why I am surprised though. Past experience has shown that Resistors, Capacitors, silver wire, silver spades all need some break in time. An when I first installed the Detail Magnifiers they were quite cool to the touch (straight from the packing box).

What I have at this stage is deeper richer tones in the vocals, extended clearer high frequencies and a more defined bass. The Soundstage is getting deeper and it seems to be progressing by the hour.

Even at this point they are keepers.
The only way I can imagine these to work, in pro audio terms, is as a compressor/limiter.
They are a low pass filter not high pass. Their intent is to remove grunge riding along speaker wire which can act like an antenna impeding the best signal transfer from amp to speaker regardless if their quality. RF and the like are generally in the megahertz range thus the low pass design. There are several products out there that do this.

Actually they are high-pass RC filters, easy to DIY on your own. Simply a capacitor and resistor in series. The idea is to high-pass the RF from the speaker cables through the resistor, where it dissipates as heat. There are quite a few threads on the Audio Asylum Tweaks forum with different formulas for making your own. I made mine using cascaded silver mica caps and Texas Components TX2575 resistors, all wrapped in TI Shield and potted in small ABS boxes. I matched the resistor value to the characteristic impedance of my speaker cables for maximum RF transfer. I use one on each end of the speaker cables, between + and - . I do hear a difference in upper range clarity when they are in the circuit.
I now have maybe 20 hours playing time with the Detail Magnifiers.
Best I can describe the improvements thus far is a increase in body at all frequencies. Bass is truly tunefull.
The Vocals sound real and there is a high end improvement that allows cymbals to sound like metal rather than just a splash.
Just been listening to early Linda Rondstadt, wow what a voice!
Ohh Baby,Baby when the sax kicks in it sounds like it is live and in my room.

I have nothing but good things to comment on these Detail Magnifiers. Not sure how they would match up to the Walkers High Def Links, but I would bet on it being really close.
Ozzy, did you go with the upgraded connectors or the cry treatment? Curious, thanks
Scotty333, I actually bought the Walkers HDL Ref + and the Walker HDL III.
I also made some of my own for my home theatere equiment.

As much as I hate to admit, but, the Walker HDL Ref + is in a league all by itself, too bad its so expensive.

I also went ot a solid 9999 14 gauge Silver wire for speaker cables with the Walkers at the end.

Way better setup than with my Synergistis Apex speaker cables , which I have sold.
ozzy, pls post impressions of the HDL Ref +s and where they impact things.
Rhyno, The Detail Magnifiers and my home made versions brought calmness to the music. The Midrange especially the vocals became so smooth, I didn’t think that my system could sound any better.

Well, the Walker HDL Ref+ provided more of the same but with an increase in slam and a smoother yet very detailed mid, low, and Hi frequencies. I could tell the improvement right away.

I must say that using pure 9999 14 gauge solid Silver speaker cable really opened my eyes to what is possible with higher grade conductors. Forget all the talk about active shielding or other cable companies BS, the conductors are the main ingredient.

The Walkers on the end of these speaker cables just added more to the enjoyment.

I’ve got to tell you, I now have bass that will hang in your stomach. But it is pure. No bloat or boom just the sound of a clear defined bass note. The Soundstage is wide, deep and easily defined. And the Mid and treble is all I ever wanted.
But, the dynamics (or slam) is so very impressive….
I should add that the speaker cable that I made is solid silver 9999 14 gauge but it is also soft annealed.
I have it covered with 14 gauge Teflon tubing and shrink tubing.