Devialet Phantom Gold Speakers

Just got a pair. Listening to vinyl via SME Model 10A turntable and Mytek Stereo96 ADC. It’s absolutely sublime. Haven’t been this inspired by audio in years.

I’m not going to call them the best speakers ever made, but they join a very short list of the best under $20K. 

They require a careful setup, but when the stars align, it’s pure magic.

I highly recommend those shopping for expensive speakers to seek them out.
All i can say is this: I was at an airport last year and heard some very impressive sounding music coming from a nearby restaurant inside the terminal. The sound was significantly better than what I had heard in many audio show rooms throughout the years. I was so impressed I did something I can't remember ever doing before: I decided to take a picture of the speakers. They were a pair of Devialet Phantoms!
I now need to get me a pair of these!