Devore Fidelity vs Devore Fidelity

Hey all, I just bought a pair of used Devore Silverbacks, circa 2006, I think. They were never upgraded. They look amazing and sound phenomenal to me, the best sounding speakers that I’ve ever had in my system in my 20 years in the hobby: Klipsch, Snell XA reference, Kef ref 3, Revel ultima salons (original ones), Dali Helicons and Focal Aria. The speakers that came in at a distant second were the Revel salons, they pulled off the disappearing act really well, with a nice deep sound stage and pinpoint imaging but they had that ’house’ sound. As I’ve mentioned before, I love the sound of the silverbacks. My question is, did anyone here upgrade up the line over the years, from the original silverbacks to the upgraded one, how much of an improvement was it? and from the ungraded silverbacks to the super nines, how much of an improvement was that? I drive my silverbacks with a First watt sit-3 amp and it seems to be adequate. I’d really like to hear your experiences with upgrading up the line. Thank you all very much.
I would check with John Devore and give him the serial# of your speaker.  He would be able to tell you if your speakers have been already updated or if there are upgrades available.  He would also tell you what in the sound will change.  I met John Devore at RMAF and he is a very nice and very approachable person.  Hope this helps. 
@ruff2001 I've always received answers to emails from him.  There's a very active Facebook page for Devore speakers too.  That might be a more concentrated group to ask. 
John will respond. Runs a tight shop. Many high-end manufacturers could take notes from John on how to run a business the correct way.