DeVore Gibbon 8's or Salk Songtowers?

I have enough money in the budget to try one more pair of speakers before calling the whole thing done for another twenty years. Emphasis is on quick, snappy, detail-oriented sound with excellent image, but still silky enough through the mid and treble so as not to overwhelm my slap-happy room. Power is McCormack DNA-HT5, pre is McCormack MAP-1, interconnects by Blue Jeans, power and speaker cables by Element.

If the two finalists are the DeVore Gibbon-8 and the Salk Songtowers (with the previously stated objectives in mind), which pair is the better choice? It's impractical for me to audition either pair before buying and trying.
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I have Devore Gibbon 8 and 3 speakers. They do indeed work well with tubes, I have used them with Audio Note gear. They also sound superb with solid state. In my case Creek Destiny and Naim Nait 5i, with both they are a killer match. Heck they even sound good on an Outlaw 2150 receiver.
I use the Gibbon 8's with both AES tube amp and preamp and with a Simaudio I-5 solid state integrated. They're superb with both. I do love the triode tube sound with them and being able to swap the tubes around but what sold me on the Devores originally was how they sounded with the Simaudio amp.

I haven't heard the Salk speakers.