Diaganol Speaker Placement for Small Room

Anyone try this - what type of results have you gotten. My room is 11'8" x 11 x 8. I am going to play with more conventional set up options as well, but wanted to get thoughts on diaganol placement. For those of you who have had success, what type of room treatments have you used, and where did you place them?
In your case it might actualy be a good idea. Usually I would discourage it. Worth a try.
I have had great results in a slightely smaller room with a diagonal setup. I'm not sure if diagonal setup would ever be a bad thing, maybe if yours speakers put out huge bass. Imaging and bass quality improved dramatically. Highly recommended!
i have done a set-up w/ listener facing into a corner and speakers on either side of the corner. this set had positives:
-no early reflections from side walls
-fit the needs of this room
there was one major problem------the corner placement over emphsized the mid and low bass --throwing the balance out of wack. i solved the bass problem throght trial and error
with stacks of rolls of fiberglass 22" in diameter. a stack 8' high in the corner between the speakers did the trick. i made a cover for this huge bass trap so that it almost looked decent.

this set-up created the widest sound stage i ever acheveived with the b&w 802 serIII speakers wich i owned at the time.
i was impossible to maximized the depth of the sound stage w/ this corner set-up. i tried many variations and none worked as well as a symetrical set up alond a long wall for
a deep sound stage.

everythiong in lfe involes trade-offs!!!!!!!

best of luck thinking out of the box.