Diamond Cones

One of the on-line review mag screams praises with the diamond tweeter and midrange, giving them superiority none other can touch. While one is in the far far 6 figure range, the other is in the lower 5 figure.
Anyone with personal experience with diamond speakers.
I was supposed to hear the Polymer's when I was in Fla. over thanksgiving, but the manufacturers demo system was on loan for a review so I didn't get to hear it, which was very dissapointing for me. I have talked to several owners who basically said that nothing else can touch them (especially in the mids) due to that diamond cone. Looking at the frequency chart I can see that they don't the deepest bass, but I suppose one can always add a sub.

The only other diamond driver I heard were in B&W's. The treble was quite good but it did not match the rest of the spectrum, and really stuck out.

I will be in Fla. again late February, so I'll hear them then, but I am almost feeling like I don't want to wait that long, then have to wait 4-6 weeks for the speakers to be built (and I think I heard that there will be a slight price increase) so I may end up breaking a cardinal rule of audio and order speakers without hearing them first.

I actually did this with my current speakers (Cerious Technologies) and it worked out extremely well.

If someone had told me when I started this hobby that someday I'd be continually buying very expensive speakers based solely on sales literature without an audition, I would have ask for some of what you they were smoking.