Diana Krall

I was in Fort Lauderdale last Thursday and saw/heard Diana Krall.  Second time, first was in Wilkes Barre PA after Wallflower cd, this one after her recent one.  Two quite different concerts, both outstanding.  This one was "jazzy", an upright bass, a drummer, guitarist, fiddle/violinist (and a pianist/vocalist).  5 great musicians on the stage, and a wonderful singer.  She is wonderful live.  Highly recommended, as equipment reviewers often say.  Worth the price of admission.  

You wrote “Truth sometimes ugly”

How is your personal opinion or preference for an artist translates to Truth?

Truth in my mind is a fact or belief that is accepted as true. 
@rpeluso. . .you are spot on that your OP was indeed an innocent attempt to share a positive experience you had.  Had you posted a question such as, "What do you think of Diana Krall?" then indeed that's an invitation to debate and opposing point of view.  

Regardless, you broke the rules--having the temerity to express a personal point of view that the arbiters of superiority deem incorrect is strictly forbidden and you MUST be taken to task.  You are wrong to enjoy Diana Krall, and you are wrong to post about it.  You are wrong to then defend it.  I know this to be a fact because others have said so.

I am wrong too--it is now a known fact by association.  I will be going to the concert this Sunday knowing I am wrong.  I now know that I should have spent my money seeing a different, "authorized" performer.  I'll hate the fact that I'm enjoying the show because that's wrong.  I'll be filled with self-loathing the entire time.  It will be great.
lkatik, it's an American truth -- that's what you really and clearly mean.
My truth is just factual and how many people believe that isn't my problem.
She's fun to listen to and she's good at what she does. I would love to see her live even if I "only" own three of her lp's. Besides, live performances really make you see an artist in a different light.

@rpeluso Agreed. It's like walking into someone's house and verbally trashing their decor or artwork.