Did You Know - PF-1000 and YP-D6 Covers....

Are exactly the same size ? I just bought a 1000 :) :) and the cover is 'rubbed' a little in a spot or 2, maybe from shipping in the past. And it has a small crack near the hinge. I took the cover off a YP-D6 3 feet away, and, it is smoked, but it is the same exact size (and much better shape).
The 1000's cover has a 1/16" downward extra 'section' between the 2 hinges, and the 1000's hinges are clipped on with a piece of felt/foam/tape on the inner edge, while the D6 hinges are screwed on, but...it would almost be a 1:1 swap. Now, if I were to drill a couple new holes for the D6's hinges, it would swap right over, but, I don't think I want to do that...

If I were to file a notch on the D6's cover for each hinge, it would fit even more closely to the table all around, and, evenly I might add, than the original. The tape (or thin dark plastic?) where the hinges are would cover the 2 screw holes that the 1000's hinges wouldn't hide.

I like the looks of the light-smoke D6's cover too.

Just a thought for you PF-1000 owners like me :)
Did the PF-1000 ever come with a smoked cover ?

Are new covers available ? Place in FL that sells them i think isn't there, made in China or something ?

Now if I could find a NOS YP-D6 (or D8?) cover, then I'd try the swap, but I don't want to 'ruin' my D6 i think...

Will the D8 cover fit too anyone know ?