Covers for racks to keep dust off?

Any one using nice covers on like 3-4 shelves rack to keep dust off and if so what?

Thanks for your time Matt


Nope. I just use a swifter once in a while. I think my turntable comes with a dust cover… if so, it is still in the box.

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No need to mock the OP.  He wants to take care of his gear. Unhelpful sarcastic comments like this, especially to a new member, are so inappropriate.

Matt, there is an outfit that makes custom covers as noted above. My wife custom made some cheap covers out of black fleece type fabric that is soft and won't scratch.

I also agree that Swiffers are a must have. will custom make them to your specifications. For speakers also.

Go on to Etsy and type in what you are looking for. I did and have great covers for my speakers and subs, as well as a custom acrylic cover for my turntable. The quality for each is excellent and the price was far less than I expected to pay.

I have amplifier covers made to order by

Excellent quality and reasonable. Stan can even embroider the logo if wanted.

I bought a large sheet of black fabric at a local fabric store and cut to fit over each component. Easy to remove and replace. Cheap and keeps the dust off.

I can get away with a plastic sheet that covers my whole double-wide rack because my system is in a basement man cave, so looks are not important.  Cheep and effective.

I also use covers from They are well made with soft lining and tough outer shell. They are a little oversized and include a flap for easy on-off.