Did your system getting better the more money you spent or more experience you gained?

This is something that wanted to ask folks. Initially I said I would never spend x amount of dollars in this audio journey. 20 years later I’m here and did what I said I wouldn’t but I’m happier than ever. Best system to this date. But it wasn’t about money only. I gained knowledge on what was possible and the quality and design of the gear I wanted. I see people just throw money into audio and never be happy or satisfied. I think that happens because they don’t think for themselves as well as have the resources? Thoughts ?


Experience over spend for me. A change of tube or capacitor can bring as great a difference as an expensive component upgrade.

@noromance i get it. I used to have tube system. I got some nice kt88’s and it was singing even better. I’m pretty set thought at this point. 

About 20 years ago, someone on Audiogon made the following quote about audiophiles that I found to be true in my case:

”We’re all as crazy as we can afford to be”

I bought and swapped equipment for more than fifty years and I might not have the newest equipment, but I’m finally at a level where I’m starting to touch “ High End” and I like it.😁