Didn't know offers/counter offers did NOT include shipping


I'm the buyer in a sale, and while making offers, I was not including shipping in my offers (thinking I needed to add $75 for shipping to it, based on estimates).

The seller made a few counteroffers and their final offer said "$$$, shipping included, final offer" - so I accepted it.

Problem is, Audiogon tacks on the $75 of shipping to his "accepted offer" and wants me to pay.

I've tried contacting the seller (0 feedback) about the situation, I guess I'll have to call them later today to discuss. A shame of a mistake.
Don't worry. It will probably work out. Contact the seller, or AudiogoN, and it will get resolved.

Good Luck and Enjoy your new audio purchase.

Thanks! Yep, the seller emailed back and said let's just wait to see what Audiogon says about our dispute transaction email.

I did offer to just pay the full amount in Paypal and have him just send me back a refund or another transaction refund with the shipping amount.

We'll see.

Good Luck. I hope it turns out well for both of you.

BTW, I've had over 100 transactions on AudiogoN over the last 16 years and I have yet to have a dispute or even a significantly negative experience. As long as you are reasonable and use your head when making offers, you should be fine.

I never say never, but I'm happy with my track record to date.
If shipping is included, you would have to pay. The shipping cost is listed separate from the price of the item,if that was not done then I think you are responsible for the full payment.
Audiogon support fixed the invoice after I asked them to read our offer messages so they could see exactly how we said $$$ shipping included. They fixed it within 10 hours of the dispute invoice being open.

The seller could have changed the listing to free shipping, then you could have added the shipping price to the total.
There's nothing better than reasonable people when it comes to buying and selling on Agon.- And, I have met quite a few in my short time here.

I normally reduce my offer by the requested amount of the shipping charge and in the memo portion of the offer, tell the seller what my total offer is and that I backed out the shipping so he can amount see where the net offer came from.