Differences between Magnepan 1.6qr and 1.7i

I owned MG1s way back in the '70' and a year ago picked up a well-worn pair of 1c's for $100 and fell in love with the "Maggie Sound" all over again.  But I've been using Thiels for years, and no longer can live without high transparency.  Also my room is a little small for the 1's and probably would be better with a slightly smaller speaker ... thus my interest in a pair of used 1.7i's or 1.6qr's.  My understanding (but not certainty) is that these are basically similar in materials, technology, and concept.  Can anyone confirm that who knows both.  And if then the big question (if similar):  how different do they sound.  My internet browsing leads me to believe that the main difference is in the high frequency balance, with the 6's perceived as a bit (too much) brighter?  Again, anybody heard the pair side by side, or at least in the same environment.  Any such info would be appreciated.
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The later generation Magnepans are using true ribbon tweeters for a substantial improvement in treble response. So if you want "detail", there it is!
Last time I checked the true ribbon tweeter started with the 3 series, the 3.7i being the current version. Also in the 20 series and recently the ’all out’ 30.7. The smaller Maggies always had quasi ribbon tweeters.

Some say this actually results in a more integrated sound. The ribbon tweeter is much lighter and faster than the other drivers, so it has a tendency to ’stick out’ a little in some systems. But I have to say that the latest generation 20.7 I now own is more of ’one cloth’ than the 20 which I previously had for many years. It’s not entirely clear how Magnepan accomplished this, but I think the much simpler crossover may have something to do with that.

I don’t exactly know what changes Magnepan made going from the 1.6 to the 1.7i, but according to the reviewers the new version is far better. Than again, that’s what they always say. Better to listen to what ’real world users’ have to say about this. Lucky for you there are plenty of those around here...

Thanks, Robergerman2 and Edgewear.  I'm hoping some of those folks who've had both will weigh in.

Another way to go is a pair of the new LRS and a couple (or even better quad) of subs. Though Steve Guttenberg continues to mischaracterize the smaller Maggies as ribbons, they are NOT. All the drivers in the sub-3.7 are magnetic-planar. You have to move up to the 3.7 to get a true ribbon tweeter.

The Eminent Technology LFT-8b ($2499/pr) consists of a pair of magnetic-planar "midrange" drivers (covering 180Hz all the way up to 10kHz!), a ribbon tweeter for 10k and up, and an 8" dynamic woofer in a sealed enclosure. Some consider it superior to the 1.7i.

I replaced my 1.6s with 1.7s.  I remember the 1.7 being a nice improvement.  It was a much more coherent speaker.  The tweeter on the 1.6 could sound a little too prominent.  That issue was addressed nicely with the 1.7s.  I have to tell you that I had them in a 12 X 22 room and there were times I wished for more space.  I don't see the dimensions of your room listed but if you feel it is going to be tight, I would try to get a home audition before committing.  Both the LRS and the .7 get great reviews; either one might be a better fit.

Thank you, Direwolf336.  My room is 12 x 16 ft.  Clearly the MG 1c's were too large, although the room has good acoustics and the bass was okay.  But the imaging clearly suffered.  The room has large-ish openings into a front hallway and my dining room, so may explain why the bass was okay.  But I can only sit about 8' from the speakers, which must be 3' out from the long wall.  I've thought about the .7, but the review of the 1.7i even mention that they might be bass-light, and given that the MG 1c did pretty wll in bass, i'm not sure I want to give up a lot of bass.

In any case, your comments on the 1.6-1.7 difference are much appreciated.  They reflect one comment I have heard elsewhere as well, and I've also noticed sometimes the use of an external crossover with the 1.6i.  I presume this is to get better integration.