Digital cable for Cambridge Dacmagic, suggestions?

I've just added a Cambridge Dacmagic for use with the Bluray player and it is a quite fantastic leap in sonic quality (I'm using a 2ch set-up only). Since the little magician has a second digital input I'd like to connect the TV digitally as well, but would want to keep cost within reasonable bounds (with the Bluray I use an out of production Fadel Art The Digit I still had, but if I go for its successor, it would set me back as much as the entire DAC costs).

So I have been ogling the Synergistic Research AV Matrix. Does anyone have experience with it? Would it be a good fit between TV and DAC? Any alternatives in the price range?

Amongst many, I used a Zu Firemine that I liked best. It was very reasonably priced but I'm not using it now because I jumped from the DacMagic all the way to the McIntosh MCD500.
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