Digital Cabling questions in new set-up

Hi all,

I’m changing my set-up and would appreciate help in understanding my best options for some digital cabling.

The Equipment: Verizon FIOS, Verizon Router, Asus Router, Brick Wall Power Conditioner, Ayre EX8, Innuos Zen Mk, 3, Technic SL-1210GR to Herron VTPH-2A Phone-pre, Rega Apollo R (Temporary), Quatro CT, LG OLED TV, Spotify, Tidal, likely Roon, Windows 10 laptop.

Digital Cabling:
FIOS Router to the EX8: I’m assuming I should feed the FIOS Router with the incoming coax up until 3 feet of the amp. Ayre suggests an Ethernet cable. I plan on a Terra Grand or Cardas Clear Audio Cat 7 shielded cable between them.

FIOS Router to Asus – I’m planning on a standard Ethernet Cable. I don’t think I need anything special. I wondering if I should I put the Asus Router in another room?

Innuos to EX8: It’s a 3 foot run. USB 2.0 are available.

Technics to Herron: Standard cable TT to pre.

Herron to EX8: It’s a 3 foot run. Planning on RCA to XLR balanced input.

Rega Apollo transport to EX8 (temporary); Planning on Audioquest Toslink

FIOS to LG OLED: It’s a 12 foot run. LG suggests HDMI Cable. Any quality considerations?

LG OLED to EX8: It’s an 8 foot cable run if needed. I plan on using a Lifatec Toslink.

Laptop: I’m figuring on running Roon, Spotify, Tidal etc using the laptop connecting to the Network via WiFi.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read and help,
Technics to Herron: Standard cable TT to pre.

What do you mean, "Standard cable"???
With digital cabling the characteristic impedance of the cable will have a big impact on how many errors you get. The better controlled the less errors- which means such a cable can go faster. So pay attention to what the equipment is set up for- 50 ohms, 110 ohms, that sort of thing.