Digital Front end -adding a Music Server / Roon Core -

I am looking for some help in finalizing my Digital Front End.  Over the last year I have made many many upgrades in my 2 Channel Audio / Home Theater 7.2 Set up.

I currently have a Bricasti M3 (w/ MDx Ver 1.14) with Network Card, connected via Audio Zen XLR's to a VAC Signature MK2 SE Preamp, connected to a PassLabs X250.8 (also via XLRs) to B&W 803D4's

For the HT side I have a Marantz SR8015 (using Preout) to a PassLabs X5 running the B&W HTM82D4 Center Channel, B&W N805's  on their stands as the Surrounds and B&W CMD5's (also on their stands) as Surround Rears.  Also a Rythemik E15HP2 Sub (connected via LFE for Home Theater and via XLR Outs (both Left and Right) Full to the VAC for 2 Channel Music.  Also a Velodyne DD10 via LFE for HT. 

When listening to 2 Channel Music both the PassX5 and Marantz are off since the VAC has a Cinema Bypass.

I am currently running Roon on my Desktop PC which is on my Home Network (Fios Fiber Service).  I Have a Wifi Extender connecting via a CAT8 cable to the Bricasti to Stream both a 12TB Music Library on an External USB3 Drive (connected to my Desktop) and Qobuz.

I would like to know from experience here, will I hear a real SQ improvement if I were to add a Music Service to run Roon Rock directly connected in my LivingRoom where the system lives.  I am considering a NUC11 i7 with 16GB RAM and a 256GB SSD with a Linear Power Supply OR a used Innuos Zenith Mk3 (for a little more than 2x $$).  In the case of the NUC, I could connect my external drive directly to it.  In the case of the Innous I could not, so I am also considering to buy a NAS and have my Music Library on Hard Drives (as I would also use the NAS for backing up work and photo files too).

I have also read a fair amount about a EtherRegen but not sure if I am getting much noise in my system being that we have a very good Fios Fiber coming into our house.  I Have a Deco whole house Wifi and Wifi extenders.

Any experience and opinions would be appreciated!  What is the next thing to do?